The History of The Kingdom of Lyceum

The Dark Ages;

The lights went out.  Not all at once but in a methodical grinding down of resources, technology, and knowledge until all hope was extinguished. With the onset of the Galactic Conflict many thriving colonies and outpost suddenly found themselves of no strategic value.  Military’s from every alliance withdrew to their home worlds taking engineers, technicians, and soldiers with them. Being unsure of their former subject’s allegiance they were unwilling to leave advanced technologies or knowledge of their use behind. With no one to operate or repair the remaining technology, the infrastructure that supported trillions of sentient beings either rusted or was melted down as salvage.  Many celestial bodies simply went black, their memory lost to the darkness.

The First Technology Crusade;

One of those failing systems was Shownar. Once a thriving financial income investment community, created by a union between galactic investors and regional clans, the System found itself suddenly abandoned by its patrons and being savaged by angry tribes and dissected by unscrupulous traders.  Power was lost to most of the population, crime was rampant, morale was broken, and the system was uncontrolled.  With destruction almost certain the local population; farmers, merchants, and community leaders put aside their differences and formed a mercenary faction to halt the pillaging.  Using the technologies inherent to its industry, the army set about restoring order on the streets arresting the most violent anarchists and making truce with peaceful colonists while repelling several well financed invasions from competitors and their contracted criminal gangs. With the violence quelled the group was able to turn its focus to acquiring the basic technologies fundamental to the wellbeing of its citizens. Over time the power was restored and prosperity returned.  The tragic lessons of anarchy are never far from the hearts of those who survived those dark days.  The precepts of what would later become The Kingdom of Lyceum were bought with the blood and sacrifices of those courageous souls.  Thousands of fountains and statues adorn the landscape in honor of their memory.

The Age of Imperialism;

“Some nations have an army, Lyceum’s army has a nation.” is a colloquial used to describe the relationship between Lyceum and its people.  Founded as a military the group struggled for identity during times of peace.  When prosperity led to expansion and the need for resources the Army’s natural inclination was to conquer territory.  Its first foreign campaign was to a recently discovered system in a nearby Sector.  As was hoped most residents of this system welcomed the arrival of the group and the prosperity order brings.  In a bloodless transfer of power the system swore its allegiance and joined the cause.  The success led to the launch of a second expedition, this time to a cluster of asteroids in a distant sector.  Again the group found little resistance to its ideology and a willingness of the indigenous population to become protectorates.  Several of the asteroids were colonized and turned into prosperous industrial bases.  Patriotism soared in Lyceum.  However, the expansion stretched the Army’s supply lines resulting in a decline in growth. The lessons of expansionism were not lost and the practice of colonization was halted.

The Industrial Revolution;

“If you want peace, prepare for war.” –Lyceum proverb. With no enemy to fight and no land to conquer, the Army turned an eye to consolidating its gains and building a defensive armada.  Advance technology was expensive and hard to come by so they decided to dissolve the para-military faction and reform as a manufacturing faction.   Billions of credits and the full might of the Army were focused on the task of building an industrial empire to serve and protect over 27 billion sentient beings. Legions of scientists create technology while technicians analyze artifacts collected by Rangers from the ruins of forgotten civilizations.  An empire that never sleeps, the Army continues its relentless march toward a war it hopes will never come.

The Second Technology Crusade;

“The Kingdom of Lyceum calls all citizen of the Realm to the cause!  A technology crusade is hereby commenced in defense of the Realm!” –Lyceum edict.

The future of the Realm is in your hands young Knight!

Will you answer the call?

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